2010 – Vindictus Welcomes Evie

Evie was introduced to Vindictus on October 27, 2010 as the 3rd character in our epic saga.
She was birthed to the North American servers during the Season of Witch Update 1.08.
A few weeks later she was joined by her alter ego, a blade wielding Scythe Evie, on November 2, 2010.
Scythe Evie would soon become the staple for mages in the game but Staff Evie was the original.
Nexon Launches Vindictus’ Mage: Evie

Staff Evie                                 Scythe Evie

Evie is a powerful magician who supports her allies with both her spells and alchemical abilities. Wielding a staff, she summons golems, revives allies, and uses ancient magic to perform devastating attacks. While her cloth and light armor prevent her from handling enemies up close, it would be difficult to call such a masterful magician anything but a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Not much is known about Evie’s past. While it seems clear that she’s from the East, this evasive young woman tends to smile and deftly dodge any questions about her history. An elegant enigma, Evie chooses to express herself entirely in combat.

A few of Evie’s skills:


Evie shoots a bolt of fire from her magic-infused staff. Mana must be gathered for a very long time first, so plan carefully. This spell has a very slow firing speed and range, but the damage caused is incredible.

Alchemy: Create Golem

Golems attack enemies for a fixed period of time. Be careful, as Evie takes damage when her Golem is attacked. If Evie becomes incapacitated, her Golem dies.

Healing: Restoring Party Members Health
Evie can restore a party member’s HP. To use this spell, Evie must have a Healing Rune assigned to a Quickslot. Evie can select the party member to heal by pressing [ALT] with a number key or by choosing from the party window.

This was just start of a torrid love affair with magic.  In the years to come, Staff Evie would undergo numerous transformations.