Archeage Bloodsong Announced: Do You Care?

For some reason – God help me I don’t know why…I feel obliged to share this.Archeage logo 512
Here is my highlight of the latest ArcheAge Livestream.  In all fairness I don’t watch these streams anymore because I don’t feel like information is reliable or worth watching nor is it really interesting enough to sit through.  I’d also like to point out that because of this – I appreciate the time spent recapping it on the forums so I don’t have to. (Thank you Celestrata)

Ok so here goes –

Every since the merger I have been completely out of love with ArcheAge. The saltyness is so real that I don’t even care about new releases anymore.  When they announced the “Bloodsong” update it really didn’t even register a whole blip on my radar.  In fact, I’m not even pasting the whole thing to be visible which is something I’d normally do if I were excited and wanting to share anything. Here is your link in case you want to read the full recap from Celestrata or if you want to watch the stream (the link to the stream is in the link to the post ^_^)

Anyhoo – buried deep down within the update notes that the 2.5 Bloodsong is coming are 2 important things:

Finally, Treehouses will all be purchased with 500 merit badges.  All Merit Treehouses can create thunderstruck branches that produce thunderstruck logs, and they each have a different appearance. The MTX version of the Treehouse does not produce thunderstruck branches — fair warning!

Hmm – MTX? Is that what we’re calling the Marketplace now? Ok…cool kids in the room pls stand up. (insert hard eyeroll to the left). Oh yeah back to the update – Treehouses are finally here, right when I no longer care. Though it is awesome that I can finally put some of those Merit badges to work, I just don’t care anymore. We’ve waited since around the time of merges for treehouses and frankly the idea of looking for land to plop one down on vs risking land I already own being snatched up…not something I’m willing to do yet again, no matter how pretty they are. Plus living space, lag, and the vertical climb aren’t really appealing to me at this point, even if the land space is.  ~Sigh~



Finally, the 180k proficiency skill titles have been updated with new, fancier names.

First note, “finally” usually means final as in – not another one after…<_<, yes please do give me better titles. Maestro Cutpurse and Maestro Gatherina just don’t feel like an accomplishment.  It’d sorta be nice to know what there are…but yeah I guess we’ll be waiting on that too – you know to be surprised by the change cause that’s what we all want is another surprise from Trion…right.

Also an honorary mention goes to the latest event –

Double it. DOUBLE ALL OF IT!: We finally announced that from 1/19 to 1/26, we’re going crazy with doubling! We’re doubling honor gains from ALL sources, double experience, double vocation badges, and double loot drop chances! DOUBLE ALL THE THINGS!

Overall I’m getting a sense of trying way too hard and even then not meeting the minimum enough to catch my eye ———– OR TURN IT AWAY FROM BDO.

Thats all I have to say about this.   If you happen to be interested at all – Bloodsong launches on January 26 and should be on PTS for a few days of untestable hype before that.