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ArcheAge Ditches Darker Skin Tones

ArcheAge – specifically Trion and XL Games – have literally ditched darker skin tones from the character customization screen. Whats more offensive is that the darker colors were dropped from EXISTING characters as well during a patch.  The darker skin tones are literally unavailable for selection from the character customization screen.

Say WUT?!?!

I’m caramel latte in real life. My characters are made to be simulated versions of me.  My characters were all caramel latte which was a big selling point to me for the game – the ability to choose the color I wanted.  As far as I’m concerned my Elf and Firran lost their flavor.

Affected community members shot up posts all over the forums, here are a few:

Boann writes: One of my chars is now a white man, while he used to be very afro-american, what gives?

Yed says: Yea a guildie was talking about this too, all his characters got a very dark skin, but they are all white now. He did a Michael Jackson

Maugrem cried: No pigment, no peace!


Over 100 posts plead for Trion to take action. Community Manager Scapes provided the only voice that would ever be heard on the issue suggesting that players create a ticket with the support team.  No actual apology was ever issued to players.

Here is a picture of my original character, as I made her:

And THIS is the skin tone AFTER receiving a Salon Certificate to change my character “back” to how she was as issued by Trion support.   I chose the darkest color available.

It is very clear that ArcheAge removed the colors, provided no mention of this in patch notes nor did they bother to care after screwing up the tables enough to change them back or add comparable colors. The darker colors are no longer available and have simply vanished with no return in sight.

Apparently I have to be snow white or pinkish blue in order to be an Elf in ArcheAge now.

WTF Trion?!? 😈 

Here are some other equally disturbing before and afters that made our palms hit our face.

Fishay had his Firran go from grey to blue :/


before after


Dremlock isn’t a smooth cocoa color anymore:

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Dremlock after involuntary skin tone reassignment surgery:

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Keep tabs on the thread and see if ArcheAge shuts down #ColorGate