About the ISG

The Inner Sanctum [ISG] is a guild family established on September 20, 2011.  The guild began in Vindictus attracting a fun and loyal base of players eventually branching out to other games such as Blade n’ Soul and ArcheAge.  The ArcheAge chapter was launched on April 14, 2015 and while the Black Desert chapter is slated for early 2016.


ISG Logo - ArcheAge

ISG was created on a foundation of integrity.  Our mantra is “no hacking, no botting, no gold buying – have fun and treat guildies like family.”  We are “the good guys” – offering assistance, entertainment and support to our fellow gamers delivered with a Coke, a smile and a booty shake.


We enjoy a 21+ adult atmosphere riddled with fun.  You can find us on Discord since we’ve made the switch from Teamspeak and Raidcall. Discord is required for both Members and Admins – though, a mic is not.


The Leadership team consists of  myself (TrixiEEEE) as the GM, Kanzo as the CoLeader and several Admins who are nothing but loyal to the guild. Our in-game Admins are chosen based on knowledge, dedication and willingness to help improve the guild and game experience for all. Admins may vary depending on the game and the needs of the guild.


We are generally open to new members find us in game or shoot me an email for further information.


Contact Information:

  • ArcheAge | Homebase: Kraken NA Server, Cinderstone
  • Black Desert | NA Server: Channel 3 (pending launch changes)
  • Vindictus | East Server: Channel 116

Can’t find us? Email me: Trixologist@gmail.com


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