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About Me

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I started gaming again in 2010 as a way to relieve stress and unwind from working 80ish hours a week. I found Vindictus and thankfully bopping a few fomors on the head was exactly what I needed to stop me from wringing someones throat at work (I kid…)

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I have played tons of online games and usually just  uninstall if something doesn’t capture my interest in a half hour.  I seem to really like action based MMOs and absolutely, without a doubt HATE tab target games.  I admit it, I’m spoiled by Vindictus – I crave amazing graphics, real physics, customization and putting my skills to the test!


If I have my choice when you see me I will be rocking a shade of green along with white and silver accents.  I grew into this in Vindictus (all of my inventory chests are full of various colors of green and white) and have adopted it across pretty much everything, though green has been my thing since I was little.

Sexy hot Evie
Sexy Hot Evie

TrixiEEEE in ArcheAge

I play to have fun. I’m slightly competitive but not too much.  I don’t care if I die though I’d rather avoid it.  I like challenging myself to do things I haven’t done previously in game and don’t mind farming as long as I’m getting something out of it.  I like being a part of something so you will find me supporting the games I like outside of the game as well.  I was a Moderator for the Vindictus Marketplace, the creator of the Vindictus Trix fansite, and a supporter of several Twitch streamers including Cloud0621 as well as overall general promotion for any game I’m involved with. I’m also an avid forumer of most of the major games I play.


TrixiEEEE the Trixologist returns to Vindictus!

I run the Inner Sanctum Guild (ISG) hailing back from Vindictus in 2011.  We’ve gone from large (400 characters at one time) to a very small, tight knit crew.  At one time in Vindictus our crew housed many of the best Karoks in the game. Before the Arena was added we were regular pvp (1:1) junkies and often held internal tournaments challenging each other to the kill. We specialized in heroic scroll farming and raids.

I have the best crew of folks that I could ask for.  We are always looking to add good people to the family.  I’m really thankful for them and having them along this journey with me.