ArcheAge Busting at the Seams: More New Servers Added! (9/19)

Sub/1k Token guild in @ArcheAge hit 1,000 members today (WOAH!) and we may have thrown a party :D Best. MMO. Ever
Token guild in @ArcheAge celebrates its first 1K members with a dance party. Courtesy of Twitter – Cohn ‏@CohhCarnage

ArcheAge is filled to the brim with players sitting in queues waiting for their chance to craft, claim, conquer.  Trion has been getting a lot of heat from players desperately wanting the queues to end.  Well folks their response is there!

Brand New Servers Added: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA).

From: Scapes – ArcheAge CM, Trion

We’ve added two new worlds to our North American server list: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA)! These servers were racked (physically installed) and imaged (updated with ArcheAge server software) in our Texas data center all in the past day. Here you can see Ezi and Lucius in their new home with Senior Systems Engineer Jonathan Johnson. These two servers will be on the new Auction House cluster 5 (AH5). These new servers are now online and available to play right now: Friday September 19 at 4:15 PM PDT (GMT-7).

We also have new European servers en route to our Amsterdam data center, currently passing through international customs at this very moment. They’re making their way to being live as quickly as possible. For more on this, please check out our Launch FAQ! Additionally, the NA servers Kyrios, Ollo, and Salphira have been temporarily closed to new character creation.

NOTE: If your character slots are full, you will not be able to make a new character on the new servers until you either delete an existing character or log into one of them to purchase an additional character slot.

North America has some relief JUST IN TIME for the weekend!

Rejoice gamers!