Don’t Expect Too Much for Valentines Day in ArcheAge

As if the snoozefest couldn’t go on further…ArcheAge continues down the path of bleh with a regurgitation of last years Valentines Day sales.  Newsflash ArcheAge – this type of stunt is the last thing you should be doing to retain the playerbase at this point.

Last year it was cool and redoing it year — is not. ‘ Nuff said.

Ruby Valentine Package – 3555 Credits

Scroll: Lonely Isle Dinghy – 2750 Credits

White Romance Table – 850 Credits

Glider Customization: Ruby Wings – 2240 credits

Jumbo Baby Narayana Plushie – 500 credits

Same pricing, same screenshot, how lame is this?  Not to mention the email to customers about the cash shop update went out on February 12th stating that there would be “dreamy savings from February 2 to February 12.” but the sale actually goes on until February 23rdsigh.

If you feel like logging into to buy more pixels and receive more service like this while catching up on what you missed last year — feel free, if you are looking for something new… keep waiting.