Black Desert / Inner Sanctum

BDO Forum Introduction

Its time for Closed Beta which means its time to introduce myself.

uccI’m TrixiEEEE the Trixologist. Some of you may know me mainly from Vindictus and ArcheAge though I’ve been gaming since the days of Hitman, Doom and Atari – yes I owned a Nintendo when they first came out.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to having a real action combat game (rather than mechanical tab target) and having something I actually want to play rather than feel like its a drag or just logging on to see guildies. I’m a Business Process and Development Manager for SaaS/PaaS in real life; I work from home so you will see me quite a bit. I can’t help it if the business side of this whole ordeal intrigues and enrages me on a personal level so when I chime in, that’s often where it stems from.

Bad management (from both Nexon and Trion) has worn my tolerance really thin. I previously said I had no reason to play Black Desert but I’ve recently changed my mind.  From a business perspective, I cannot condone giving a company my money when they fail to improve and manage to screw me over at the same time.  This last year of ArcheAge has more memories of errors and flubs than fun for me, especially the merger which I never fully recovered from and that isn’t a trend I want to continue.  So here I am :$

In BDO along with the visually sensual graphics I am really excited about the clothes!  My inventory in Vindictus was extensive and packed full of customized pieces a lot of which mimic’d my own irl – sort of.  I really hope to be able to build up that type of wardrobe here as well. ArcheAge ended up having way less customization than I expected initially, it will be a relief to have the colors I want on the pieces I want with the hair I want and the shoes to match.  Housing will be my forte and I’ll probably invest highly in the knowledge system because who doesn’t want a high IQ?  :x9_9

I run the Inner Sanctum Guild (ISG) hailing back from 2011.  I have the best crew of folks that I could ask for. We are always looking to add good people to the family.  I’m really thankful for them and having them along this journey with me. I’m hoping the Community in game and on the forums is chill more like Vindictus originally was (in the preSteam days).  I’ve brought about 25 or more people here by way of Beta Testing – HI ALL!!! Shout to the Cloud Crowd on Twitch (hopefully we’ll sync up Cloud0621 and Estokha).  If I have time and end up liking the game I’ll probably blog a bit about it so be on the look out – Trixologist Talks and I’ll probably be a super regular here on the forums too.

Dance with me if you see me or just wave, I don’t bite unless its time for Sanctum After Dark:P