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Black Desert Online Beta Review [CBT1]


The jury is still out on this one.  I like the combat, I do.  However I honestly can’t tell if its better than Vindictus.  I was also playing on a character that I didn’t want to – which for me will cloud anything else I tell you.  i was also sick so I didn’t make it past level 20.  Under normal circumstances, this would be enough for me to say yeah or ney, in this case it wasn’t  Also I feel like I should say that I haven’t “played” regularly in a game since Vindictus. I’ve spent a very long time becoming a master of Ginseng and Peanuts but  haven’t enjoyed combat as much in ArcheAge.  Here is what I feel comfortable saying – its better than ArcheAge combat, its not tab target and even though I wasn’t on my choice character, it was fun.  Further evaluation in CBT2.


I didn’t do much of this but crafting seems overwhelming. I’m not sure if its because of the selections I made but Cooking seems to be way too important in the game. The recipe ingredients should be in game not out on the websites, especially since bandwidth and connectivity in the States (and EU) are already being used up with the game itself.

I do like the connection with BDOTome and its accuracy and ability to load quickly without hanging up and causing my game to freeze is so useful. (BDO Tome is a great site with a ton of good, easy to understand and thorough information.) I just think it should be an optional offline fansite to use as a reference rather than the actual “help” which should be a more official in game resource. Though I may have just not understood where to find the info in game – which is also a point that would need an enhancement.


Black Desert Interface Courtesy BDO Tome

Its busy, not horrible but definitely a busy screen.  You can customize most of the screen, which I appreciate. I feel like there could be more options for adding more quickslots – given what we are provided for skills, hard coded keys and potion importance.


The interface, including the map – oh boy that map – can be a bit much especially when you don’t have a proper tutorial. Having said that finding that magnifying glass on the last day of beta with the NPC search would have saved me a bout 40 hours of game play had I known it was there (I exaggerate slightly). The tutorial really needs to address what is being shown on screen and how it corresponds to the world in front of you.

Get ahead of the game – Visit Black Desert Tome for all your need to know info and support for understanding Black Desert.


Variety is so nice and realistic. Snow is amazing, rain – my character gets wet and is visibly slick from water drops but isn’t impacted in progression. Awesome so far. I’d like to throw special shots out to GM_Jouska who came into the game and provided a snow storm. This was delightful considering my then-main game ArcheAge refused to do so, even for an hour during the holidays.  THANK YOU JOUSKA – keep it up.


I did do a lot of questing. I really liked it.  Talking to the NPCs in BDO seems to be purposeful rather than just go here do that. The story envelopes you putting you as an actor in it.  I loved the minigames that you can do –  your Knowledge, affinity, and contribution points – this whole system I loved.  And really want to get more into in CBT2.


Is different but really really good.  First – my dear ArcheAges the good and the bad. Good – its instanced! No more fighting for demos, no more bots taking up all the good spots and the best part – NO MORE TAXES!  You pay for housing with Contribution points earned as you quest.  As far as I saw and from everything I’ve read so far, you can have 5 living space type houses but an unlimited (limited by contribution point access) to storage type facilities. You can pretty it up, housing your crafting goods, make an Inn, Restaurant, Funhouse…whatever you can with the extensive materials provided.

The bad: the only drawback I saw was that you move from standalone housing (like ArcheAge) to apartment/dwelling type living where you walk in and no one sees you again until you walk out.  You can however visit people.  I think this pulls away from the MMO aspect but hopefully CBT2 will open my eyes to all the other places to hang out and interact with others.



The beta was very smooth overall.  As for me, I found that I used 3 laptops during beta and each had a similar issue – the track pad seemed to ignore the typical gestures for zooming in and out. The BDO team actually did say that they would be looking into the matter because it was an actual bug.  Ya’ll know me, I’ll be raising Cain if this issue isn’t corrected by the time we go live in CBT2.  Aside from that, we’re really close a good launch. It shouldn’t be surprising because the game has been out in other regions for a while.

I’m sure I’ve missed somethings, but I had a great time for CBT1 and am really looking forward to the beta…HURRY UP PLEASE!!!

What did you think of CBT1?  What are your plans for CBT2?