Black Desert

Black Desert: Why I’m Playing

I’ve long since said that I was never going to play Black Desert. Between ArcheAge and the ability to go back to Vindictus whenever I want, I felt that I was happy and didn’t need it.

Well guys – things change.  My experience in ArcheAge has truly gone downhill for me since the D”Evolution”.   Trion I swear has just not gotten it together and their flubs are making things I hate about the game more obvious.

Why I’m giving ArcheAge the Boot

So in short here is why I’m going to TRY Black Desert:

  1. Fresh Feels – Trion screwed me with the merge – I never recovered financially in real money nor in gold and I’ve never forgiven them for ripping Two Crowns away from me or for the comments of their horrible Director of Customer Service – “Brasse”
  2. Management – Trion has not improved in their service in the last year +.  Time is up.
  3. ArcheAge brings out the worst in people – I’m sick of feeling icky about a game I play.  I pride myself on my integrity and it is becoming increasingly harder to maintain it.
  4. Combat – I’ve never been a fan of tab target combat – EVER.
  5. Gear check – I want to play something where skill matters not just the rank of my RNG favor.
  6. Clothes and Character Customization – I need this in my life again desperately. (this is the real reason I miss Vindictus)
  7. Graphics – Vindictus had amazing graphics, ArcheAge just never met the bar for me. I’m looking forward to being visually stimulated again. (Note: In all fairness – this might be in part due to me downgrading my laptop earlier this year…that problem will be fixed in a few days =) )
  8. Realism – gotta have it back, fluidity in BDO seems first class
  9. Housing – another game with housing, let me in
  10. RIP Enla – Enla was an awesome server and it was destroyed in the merge. While there are some cool characters on Kraken the flavor of the server is completely different….stale almost, less witty and fun.

Meh, 10 is enough. We’ll see if Black Desert is as appealing as it seems. For now I’m just happy to feel like I’m getting away from the short bus crew, even if it is just for a week.