Inner Sanctum

Computer Craze in the Sanctum

Something is up in the Inner Sanctum. We’ve all caught a fever.  I’m not sure if its because its close to Christmas or if this is a case of a mass contagion spreading to each of us one day at a time but we’ve all come down with it over the last week….

New Computer Fever!!!

First it hit Peri – he built his by hand and came back to visit us in ArcheAge.  Then Ally shared her good news that finally, finally after 5 years of having a bad computer, she went and ordered her own personal beast to arrive right before Christmas.  Then Sainz wanted to feel the full effect of having the Gnoll Chieftain put out a OHK on his new character so he left to Best Buy to grab his.  And of course, I ended up getting TWO for more than double what I planned on spending (gee thx HP) O_O.

I don’t know how this happened, I don’t know what drove me to do it but I guess I was in the shopping mood.  We stayed up one night til 4am looking for through the sales for me.

I’m going to tell you something, its a secret – I’m a laptop player who actually uses the touchpad to play >_<.  I find the laptops overall more functional for what I need them for since I work from home and am constantly on the go with my niece too.  I do almost everything with or from my laptop…

Having said that, I game a little bit too much to be ok with 16fps my old laptop was putting out.  So I did it, I bought a new one – consider it an investment in my gaming future!

I’ll be starting my Black Desert journey along with several of my dedicated guildies our brand new “rigs” and I cannot wait to try out the duel graphics.

Am I cool now? <insert intense sarcasm>