Goodbye Land Grabbers…or Maybe Not?

Land owners rejoice? Has ArcheAge really figured out a way to prevent the speedy, obnoxious and resilient land grabbers (aka as hackers|bots|drones) from sniping up all the land and demos? According to Scapes that may very well be the case!

From the desk of Scapes (Post #139060 AA forums)


We’re pleased to announce that ArcheAge’s ability to detect third-party tools used to claim in-game land has been significantly improved. In collaboration with XLGAMES, we activated a new tracking method with the latest game update which identifies exactly which bad actors are using scripts, macros, or other illegal methods to gain a gameplay advantage over legitimate players in claiming land, strictly in violation of our terms of service. Today, we’ve removed accounts detected to be using third-party tools from the game along with any accounts found to be directly associated with them or their gains.

What does this mean for the ArcheAge community? You may notice some of the more prolific land owners on each server no longer placing new properties. All of the land claimed by actioned accounts will become available within two weeks (depending on the last time taxes were paid) and you can rest assured you’ll only be competing with your fellow legitimate players for ownership. The game will now regularly track and detect third-party tool use, keeping ArcheAge safe and fair for all players moving forward.

Whoa, nope according to this post by Trubbles, that is not actually the case.  Looks like Trion goofed again. The script isn’t working the way it was intended and if it is, its missing a large number of the offenders making it useless for the Community.  Maybe one day they will get this right before these folks drive away all the good people.


To be clear, in ArcheAge land ownership is extremely important as it provides a sort of residual income and the ability to profit from trade packs.  Even avid PvP’ers benefit from having land if for not other reason than the additional storage possibilities.   The hackers have basically had the run of the server since launch and Trion has been too busy putting out other fires to fix this major concern.  Trubbles sums it up best by saying…Fail is Fail.

[Trubbles Post #1397461]  EVERY major land hacker/exploiter who flips and resells for mega-gold on Inoch, and I do mean the top 5% who own 2/3rds of the server… are STILL actively in-game, flipping and selling properties and locking everyone else out of valuable demos… and selling for gouge exorbitant high prices too… like thousands of gold. Trion, it’s better for you to stop pretending you’re doing anything, because when you make such bold promises and fail so profoundly… it’s an industry embarrassment and lies of the first caliber. In this case, you’ve scammed your legit playerbase harder than the land-grabbers. Fail is Fail.