Black Desert

Dear Black Desert | A Players Letter

Dearest Black Desert Online (c/o Pearl Abyss and Daum)

I am about to play your game.  While I am extremely excited, I am also super apprehensive about putting my gaming future in your hands.  Based on my previous experiences I have a few things that I want and must have in order to prompt me to pay for it.  This list of desires assumes that the game itself is something I want to continue playing after I first Black Spiritpick it up.

  • I want your butts in the game!  If you want me to be here I expect you to be here too! More to the point, if you can’t be bothered to play this game – WHY SHOULD I?  Be reachable, be touchable and be involved.
  • I want you to know what the heck you are talking about and not make things up on the fly when it comes to talking about your game and its future. I have really bad habit of defending CM’s only to be constantly disappointed when I realize they don’t play the game. Please don’t lie to me because when I find out, I’m going to be pissed. (Added to this also – SILENCE is not a viable means of communication.)
  • I want a seamlessly managed game.  What I mean by this is – I don’t want to see another publisher vs. developer fight publicly played out across the forums and interwebs with tons of finger pointing and zero responsibility taken. (Yes I’m looking at you Trion and XLGames) Why? Because its unprofessional but really – because I don’t care. I’m your player (customer) and if there are issues, I care to know that you are fixing them and see the fix through to completion.  I’m also not adverse to you telling me that it is something that cannot be fixed, I’d rather know, than waste my life believing in you.
  • To go with that I do want to know where the game is headed – Developer Insight – would be a great thing to see once every other month or at least regularly.
  • I want good events – I don’t understand why MMO’s with some of the best worlds and communities and tons of players do nothing with them. Don’t run the same events all the time.
  • Cash Shop – I’ve paid for your game – you set the price, its been paid. I expect to be able to play it 100%.  What I want in the cash shop are things that I can’t find in the world that don’t impact its existence, things that enhance it and are special to me.
    • For example – a pair of glass slippers (shoes for my toon) and a pair of white leather pants. Something that IFI get it is visually appealing to me and friends and has absolutely no effect on the games economy or gameplay whatsoever. I’d pay you a bazillion for an in-game fashion mall though. What I don’t want to see is an armor with 5x the stats of anything I can obtain naturally in game. That’s not cool and is game breaking…it also leads to salt.
  • Fashion – This is so very important to me. I want my sexy outfits back. I want cute shoes, pretty tops and fabulous pants to complete my character. I want to be able to dye them all the color that I want.
  • RNG – I want RNG that people can live with.  I don’t want it to be one in 8000 chances so of doing it x y or z. I want achievable feats.
  • Controls – I want easy to change keybinds for almost everything. I cannot play with a mouse so having flexibility with how I use my keyboard would be AWESOME!

With these things you will have at least one player that appreciates you and the game and I’m sure plenty others.

Ok – its almost time for Closed Beta Test 1 – Letz go!!!


PS: What is that thing in the picture? O_O