I Declare War…This is Dumb

War with DH (Disposable Heroes)…this isn’t who I am.

Legacy (my guild) and this war with DH is really really dumb.  So you mean to tell me that as a guild leader you have the balls to call an all out war but you don’t have enough gumption to go into the other guild leaders TS and talk shit out? Instead you choose to cost your guilds (who were friendly) countless amounts of gold, raid drops and friends because your communication skills suck? Kainzo (Leader of Disposable Heroes) – I think you are a horrible guild leader and I honestly feel bad for everyone that chose to huddle under your umbrella with you.

Having said that – to my own guild leaders – you are also better than this. To my friends on both sides – I think this is dumb so please don’t mind me while I sit on my farm and watch you fuckers blow each other up.  You can come to my house for a break, hp pots or some rest before you go back out to the battlefield. There will be plenty of Ginseng and Milk to help you rejuvenate.