Inner Sanctum / Vindictus

ISG: Guild Guidelines

We’ve created ¬†and maintained this guild on a few very important concepts:

  1. No hacking or botting – we believe in a gaming experience that is hack free – this includes all forms of hacking.
  2. No Gold Buying – period, none at all ever…NEVER.
  3. Treat guildies like family
  4. No hustling or scamming – guild discount is still a thing.
  5. Never leave a guildie behind.
Other than that – be yourself but don’t be a jerk. If you enjoy getting on someone else’s nerves, have a severe potty mouth, or like belittling people, you probably won’t be at home here. If you are having a rough day or need to rage…do it on general chat, in a whisper or on a 1:1. Other than that, take it out on a Fomor or better yet in PvP.

This is your home and mine too – enjoy!