Inner Sanctum / Vindictus

ISG: Guildie Oath

Inner Sanctum Oath

As a member of the Inner Sanctum,
Please swear your Oath of Dedication to all that is good, fun and noble:

As Guild Master for the Inner Sanctum,

I grant you this honor
As one who has acted in righteousness,
As one who has been courageous,
As one who has shown great discernment
And has not shied away from self-sacrifice.
From henceforth,
You shall not cower before enemies,
You shall help your guild
You shall not hack, bot or buy gold.
You shall not hustle your fellow guildies.
You shall protect the weak and do good.
I, TrixiEEEE, on behalf of the Leadership Team, grant you this
Honor to serve our goddess and protect our guild.
You are now a member of the Inner Sanctum.
Please sign your confirmation of your servitude.