Nexon NA Reassigns Its top Management

Trixiologist Talks
Trixologist Talks

I saw this article a few hours ago and just had to write about it.  Min Kum, current CEO of Nexon America is being reassigned to head up Nexon XP.  Read more about it in the link below, but the important part is in the excerpt:

Nexon reassigns its top American brass to deal with star developers | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi.

(Min) Kim, formerly CEO of Nexon America, and Moravek, former head of live operations, will work with developers on such games as Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage, Project BlueStreak from Boss Key Productions (headed by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski), and an unannounced title from United Front Games.

Rich Williams, formerly senior vice president of customer experience and engagement, has been promoted to the position of president of Nexon America and will be responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. YT Kang will become vice president of Online Game Production at Nexon America.


First off let me say, I like Min Kim. I dunno if its the hair, his name or something more valid like the fact that he actually replied to me on Twitter (/s). I wish I could say it was something based on his business acumen or his presence in the media promoting my game but in all honesty I haven’t seen much from him.  I do know that he likes snow 🙂

Second let me say, I know nothing of Rich Williams. Nothing.

Well…almost nothing. The fact that he has been reassigned from his former position of “Customer Experience and Engagement” makes me want to shake the shit out of Owen Mahoney and ask him what the hell is he thinking. Nexon Americas customer service and player experience HAS BEEN IS HORRIBLE. I mean that from everything to communication, tickets, giveaways, and the absence of customer loyalty programs all of which should have fallen under his thumb as the SVP of Customer Experience.  My personal customer experience is the almost 95% of why I am not playing Vindictus right now and I can tell you my absence is NOT because I fell out of love with the game.  Nexon DOES NOT put its customers first and putting the man who was supposed to be in charge of that is now going to be running the entire North  American branch of the company.  In my opinion, if he has great ideas, is a take charge kind of guy and puts his words into action, PLAYERS WOULD HAVE KNOWN BY NOW.

This move is simply ludicrous and shows once again that Nexon loves ineffective employees who are out of touch with the game.  This pretty much extinguished the last flicker of hope that I was holding out that they would eventually get it together.

Owen Mahoney – Focus on Quality remember?!? What the hell happened to that? All I’ve seen is a bunch of beautifully packed yet sorely under kept promises coupled with a mainstream logo change that isn’t even fully distributed.  I know you run the whole shebang and Vindictus is probably the last of your concerns but that in its totality is my problem.

Min Kim – I wish you well in your next endeavors.

Rich – I challenge you to get it together and prove me wrong.  Do something right before you fully take your new position and GET RID OF AQUASOL from the forum community. She is a cancer that needs a heavy untempered dose of chemo.  (Don’t know who that is? Shes’s a Vindictus Forum Volunteer who has no business being allowed to monitor anything and should have never been made a moderator.  Oh and btw, she’s single handedly responsible for ruining whatever good vibes you had brewing around this time last year.)