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Reasons Why I Hate WoW


The only reason I was playing was because the game was on a 30 day free trial.  There was a subscription involved which meant a monthly commitment from my pocket to theirs for a videya game.  Nope nope nope.  Up until ArcheAge, I was 100% against having to pay to play a GAME.  I mean, its a game – entertainment, personal pleasure.  Why on Earth should I be paying for that? (Aside from all those poor Devs that put in their lives to make it for me – ik, SHAME!) Subscription games still leave a really bad taste in my mouth today…especially considering the fact that dollars spent don’t equate to anything like…good support and management from the publisher. (I will however give Blizzard kudos in this point, I’ve never heard bad things about their Customer Care and that is saying a lot in the gaming world).

Tab Target

Playing Wow caused me to develop one of my biggest peeves when trying out a game – in fact, it became the reason that I didn’t like “that type of game”. Later I put a label to “that type of game” –  Tab Target.  I have no clue how it is now mainly because I don’t care so I don’t keep up with it, but back then the game was tab target – you click this and then your skills work on it, type of thing and if you don’t click it O_O.    And before you yell at me or throw out how Vindictus has spoiled me – this was LONG before that.  I just don’t like Tab Target games.  If I somehow miss the fact that a game is tab-target, once I get into it this is an immediate uninstall – with the exception of ArcheAge, but that is another story.

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