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Reasons Why I Hate WoW


I really don’t think this requires a lot of discussion.  I feel like for as “great as WoW” is the graphics are fail.  I am big on visual impact and the feeling of being enveloped into the game I am playing.  I feel like (when I played it) WoW disappointed.  Again, I’m not 100% sure of what version I played (its been a while and it was a forgettable experience for the most part). But I do remember feeling like the graphics were underwhelming.  I’m not talking about “now”. I’m talking about then.   For the time, I recall thinking my first generation Nintendo and Sega (felt like) they were more stimulating.  I’m sure that over time, they improved – well I hope they did.

And now for the main two reasons which go hand in hand…


Advent of the Casual  & the Community

While most of my dislike stems from my initial experience with the game itself…these two…these are biggies!  They were developed long after I’d written off WoW.  The Community that WoW has cultivated is an amazingly large, utterly overwhelming group of die hard fanboys (and girls) that have just literally ruined any chance that a blue moon would come along and drive me to play again.

You know them – you know all of them. They are the entitled, the ones that swear everything ever invented stemmed from WoW (because games started when WoW came out).  They are the ones that try with every possible orifice  to fix, tweak and manage every game as if it were WoW.  Every suggestion they have – comes from WoW.  Every dislike they have comes from the fact that either “Blizzard did it like this” or “ WoW we don’t have to….”  or flat out “you should change this to be like WoW. “  They are the ones that will scream to holy hell and back if someone dare say something about their beloved WoW….(even if its true).

And lastly they are casuals.  Oh don’t give me that – you know damn well that WoW fostered a group of casuals.  Their own devs even regret ever changing the games direction to cater to them. Not just one but plenty of them have gone on record basically vilifying the decision to steer the game toward a less than hard direction.  The affect of these individuals released from WoWs grips back  into the gaming population has led to developers trying to copy, recreate and cater to this very large groups desire — to have another WoW.

 Just ask Michael Kern – k?

As content gets easier in order to appeal to a wider market, it at some point also pushes that market away. We feel bored by the same formula over and over. We never explore the world, having been indoctrinated to just follow a laundry list of tasks. There is no thinking, and not much choice, as the ideal path is spoon fed to you in a linear fashion (ironic how open world MMOs have become linear quest fests). It may be great for relaxing and having a fun couple hours of gameplay, but it doesn’t last. No wonder we have such a huge crowd of jaded and bored MMO players. Every MMO that follows the WoW formula is a trivial exercise, dominated by rote and convention, trading off the joy of the journey for a series of meaningless tasks. And when we race to the end, we expect some kind of miracle end-game that will keep us playing. It never does.

I’m not saying for them the experience wasn’t grand (it had to be right???) but I am sick of their dribble flavoring games that would (maybe perhaps, might, sorta, could) otherwise stand on their own two feet. AND THEN they are the same ones that after the fight, after the devs give in and ruin their game for the “Wasses”, they have the nerve to turn their backs in disgust because they catch up to what the rest of us told them would happen and exclaim – “THIS IS TOO EASY.”

TL:DR WoW players are just like i-Phone owners.

This article is dedicated to “Fanservice” of Derivation Games.  Please do not hate me for my opinion, it is just that.  Your head doesn’t need to explode the next time someone expresses their opinion.  Take it for what it is – an experience that is not your own.  Whether you like Wow or not, we’re all gamers – hoping and wishing for the next thing to quench our gaming thirst.