Thoughts on ArcheAge So Far

The Daily Grind: What do you think of ArcheAge at this point? | Massively

The Daily Grind wanted to know my thoughts on ArcheAge so far:

Now that AA has been live for a couple of weeks and the queues are (sorta) becoming more manageable, let’s expand that original question. What do you think of ArcheAge in general at this point? If you’re a patron, do you feel it was a wise use of your gaming money and will you continue to be? If you’re F2P, will you continue playing and/or consider paying in the future?  via The Daily Grind: What do you think of ArcheAge at this point? | Massively.


Vacation Spot xD
Vacation Spot xD

Well Jef, I’m free to play and plan to continue playing the game as free to play should be (paying for additions like fashion and fun perks). I generally hate games with subscriptions but I am more than willing to throw money at servers and game maintenance via the cash shop.  ArcheAge is the first one with this model that I’m even giving the time of day.

There is something about this game, even though I hate the combat (tabbed target, seriously?!), severely dislike the camera angles and a dozen other little things that I am nit-picky about, this game man…I cannot help but love it. I haven’t had the queue issues others have. I made my character right away started playing and then moved right away when they opened up the first set of new ones. I didn’t have the constraints of land ownership to worry about (I’m not a Patron yet).  I deleted my character and moved. I’ve been there every since.

ArcheAge Swimming
Swimmin in the Sea

I’m a fun chick and like the immersive things about AA.  I can bust out an impromptu dance on moving vehicles (carriages, cars and airships), I can even do the Tango in the desert with my boo.  The water is everywhere and its aaaaaaaawwwwwweeeeesome. I can swim, dive, rowboat, fight and literally go to war all on the water.   That’s one of the things I was most looking forward to and it hasn’t disappointed. Hell ArcheAge even has a vacation spot – open to all – for when you need an instant change of scenery and want to just relax.

I’ve been in the game every day for hours on end. I feel like I can get what I want, when I want it – as long as I’m smart about it. I have explored my butt off and am just taking time to learn the game so its not ruined by rushing through it – though the cutscenes only have my attn for so long (those flashbacks become nauseating). I am going Patron via AH APEX and that’s the way I wanted it. Once I get a feel for everything that is out there, my pocket book will probably never close thanks to the customization features like teeshirts, crests, even your face.

Its a great game for people truly interested in playing one (with a lot more than meets the eye) and yes, I see myself here for a while…as long as Trion keeps it together.