Spotlight: Vindictus in the Cloud

Streaming with Cloud0621

A couple months ago I was introduced to Cloud0621s Twitch stream. I ended up with him in a party and he informed me that I was “live” on stream.  I must be honest and say that normally I leave streamer parties because they “normally” don’t tell people they are being streamed until someone asks about lag. I find that to be rather rude. This “Cloud guy” did tell me before the party started so I decided to stick around.

I’m really glad I did.  We had a blast in party chat.  I later went to his stream to check it out.  I was wow’d.  He has one of the best streams I’ve seen to date. He is energetic, funny, has great music and you can tell he likes the game. Watching his stream really made me feel like I was just hanging out with him on Raidcall or Skype.

Fast forward a few weeks…I’m now a regular member of his Twitch community. The stream has attracted nearly 800 followers inclusive of new and old players, 50 or so regulars, an in game guild and Raidcall group.  I tune in almost nightly to check out whats going on and “hang out” with viewers (now friends) both in game and on the stream.

What keeps me there?
I’d say its the energy.  Cloud0621 is a cool dude.  He is constantly interacting with his viewers both in game and on stream. He’s also built up a regular viewing community. The are generally 30-50 viewers hanging out with Cloud every night.  These viewers are also the first invited to each run and always invited to hang on with him on Channel 25 (East Server).

Whether its by reading the ever filling chat logs, hanging out with the Raidcall crew or simply greeting new followers, Cloud is a guy that makes you feel welcome and has lots of fun in this crazy game we know as Vindictus.  Nightbot is also always active allowing the viewers to request their favorite tunes which provides an awesome backdrop for the stream making it almost like an internet radio station where Clouds voice is the DJ.

There are a lot of other streamers out on Twitch, Hitbox and Ustream that also represent Vindictus well.  I definitely get behind the different types of streams where the host has a love for Vindictus, is clear and easy to talk to, has a good personality and keeps things flowing both in game and on the chat.  If I see you out there I will take a second to say hi.

Meanwhile, check out Cloud0621 (  His regular “shows”  are Unsober Sundays, Mesh Up Mondays, Furry Fridays and more. If you drop by be sure to “Follow” his channel, show him some love and become part of the ever growing community.