Suggestions from a Long Time Player (2013)

Suggestions from long time player

Posted July 31, 2013 on the Vindictus Forums (By TrixiEEEE)

Here’s my version of improvements not really criticisms – love it or leave it from 2013. If you think there are flaws in these suggestions, I’m open to discussion.


Make up your mind re: Damage

Nexon is contradictory. First they add damage screens, then they add damage counts/ hit points in gameplay, and then they worry that the community is too focused on damage so they change the damage formula. Take it out. I bet the community slowly returns to complaining about other things rather than being so attack driven. [Side note: I do appreciate the correction to the mistake of going this route, however late it may be]

Server Stability

Servers are completely unstable and it is not because there are too many people on them. We all know that there are hardly any people that play and most that do don’t show up for events because we already know what the experience is going to be like. Fix the server issues. Pay attention to this game before we all lose it.

Game Marketing and Growth 

The entire Marketing department should be wiped clean and rehired based on productivity.

It is important to market this game to audiences that want to play it and are interested in the type of gameplay experience it has to offer. This market will require you to pay attention to them. Email them about events, email them about new cash shop items, maintenance notices, and developer notes from Korea including Nexon as a company. Give us a reason to invest in you other than Devcat. When you do email, tweet or FB us…show us you care by having accurate information. Push us to play with u by having special incentives for those that are keeping up with u.

Provide ADVANCE (formal) notice (via email, website, gaming publications etc) of new characters, monthly events, sales. I don’t understand why this type of activity is done as a surprise. The essential methods of building hype, gathering interest and growing our community are just not being used.


Get it together. The VB format is clearly not working. Having one GM that has made ONE actual Msg to the community about expectations IS NOT WORKING. P0urns, image wars, and open admission of TOS violations have run rampant with rare intervention and disciplinary action. The forums don’t work, double postings, timing between posting and searching, “time travel”, editing issues, image sizing issues…. Vbulletin is a poor choice for this community.

I feel we are second class in comparison to both Korea and EU communities.


Gears and Drops

  • These latest releases haven’t really supplied multiple armor types. I’d love to see more sets that support character creativity and promote builds (other than pure attack or defense). For example: Fallen Angel for Stamina. Having these for level 70 and 80 across all armor types will promote alternate builds and provide an alternative for gear rather than…”oh look we have Heremon, Pirate or Nighthawk”, whole server is in the same thing with only colors or fusions making it different.
  • Slight, and I do mean slight improvements to drop rates to quell the complaints. Decrease the drop rate of DP. Slight increase for Explosive/Maelstrom from bosses only. Farmable drops rates (like actually farming them from runs not raids) should stay relatively the same.
  • Change for the sake of changes is ridiculous – take out broken (non-exquisite) armor and equipment drops from runs under level 70. These drops are ultimately pointless, not a way to make money, not worn by anyone, and cannot be used for titles. Guess what, I’d rather get one exquisite item in 10 runs, than 7 non-exquisites in one. If you have them in level 70-80 runs make them viable.


 Bring back titles. There are tons of scrolls out there that could have title requirements in order to don them, yet they are blank. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a title count minimum in order to wear a full Pirate Set? This would prevent bots and others from speed leveling then paying to have an awesome set and companies from selling a botted decked out lvl 80. They would have to actually play some of the game to demonstrate worthiness.

Got a +15? Want a +15? 
300 title minimum to don one (lvl 60 and up) or (because I already hear the disagreements here) pass a run like kill colru with a kick in order to unlock your +15s potential. That’s rather lame but you get my drift. Other games have challenges in order to obtain or unlock content. This type of challenge ended for us with fine spears and bombs, bring it back. And in turn, SLIGHTLY reduce the difficulty of obtaining one.

**Wipe illegally obtained +13-15’s again. They are out there and they have ruined the community.**

Skills and Secondary Weapons 

Again, why is it that “just” obtaining enough AP allows the character to be “complete”. We should have to have a challenge to use our skills at the higher levels and add more secondary weapons also. Having these be in title format would also allow entry into certain levels of gameplay for various runs or activities.

Scrolls and Marketplace

Create an Enchant Auction Depot. Not the marketplace, not the forums, a dedicated auction warehouse for scrolls. This will allow players to buy sell and trade within the game parameters. It will increase competition for scrolls, possibly making them more affordable or at least provide a better way to make a decision as a buyer. As a seller it will provide an easier way to make a pricing decision without hunting through forums and asking around. Prices will also be set within the servers not by forums.

Prevent items that cannot be used for anything from being posted on the MP. Make these items NPC only.


  • Interface – Create a PVP interface which shows the active pvp’s that are going on, what pvps are pending, it would also allow you to schedule pvp matches by typing in a players name or team name or queuing yourself for addition to a given type of pvp match. Tracks rankings within the server for all types of pvp – top 100 for the week.
  • Freematch – Make freematch have auto teaming. Change it so it can start with a given set of team members for example, 4v4, 6v6, 2v2
  • Team PVP – This is in essence what Freematch is today. Have teams be able to go against each other or schedule a match using the new interface. (Ex: same 4 ppl = Team2Much vs. TeamSaiyan)
  • Guild v Guild – Add tracking to the interface for rankings, scheduled matches, intelligent pairing with similar guilds
  • Monster Brawl & Capture the Relic – relocate to the pvp area in Rocheste. Grant pvp seals for pvp item purchase. Make this server hosted and add the auto teaming to the newly suggested interface.
  • 1:1 Update so wins can be turned in for pvp seals, added to rankings,

Maintenance / Updates

  • Maintenance – Perform a weekly or twice monthly maintenance (scheduled like REALLY on a schedule) to reset the servers. This will fix the lag and prevent the dissatisfaction that comes from your maintenance announcements that provide no forewarning.
  • Update Labyrinth. These should be update with rewards, bosses and characters to match the game in difficulty. Having this as a resource for 600 AP per run during that event was AWESOME. It drove people to actually run the Labyrinth again, which promoted team work in one of the very few runs where u can where u can have a lvl 70 and a lvl 20.
  • Update Gauntlets should be a resource for something. It should have its own rare drops or perhaps extra seals of bravery that don’t count toward the normal 10. This wouldn’t be an issue because the number of runs are already limited. So for completing a certain Gauntlet 3 times a day you receive a seal of bravery.
  • 24 Mans / Dragons – fix the lag. This is getting really ridiculous now. Allow pvp prior to and after the run. Implement other random good drops from each one. Perhaps a weapon that can (actually does) drop from each.
  • Travel – Add the ability to move from Rocheste to Malina and vice versa. Add Fishing, Labyrinth and Unknown territory to Malina Docks.
  • Guilds – Reintroduce Rankings (and ranking criteria), increase levels to 50, make rewards noticeable.
  •  Cooking Expertise – Consider making Stimulants craftable by cooking rather than sold by Brynn. Either way update cooking expertise.
  • Blocklist – Add more slots, at least 50, we have a LOT of derps on servers now. Also make the blocklist meaningful, if a person has been blocked on lets say 25 accts, do a 5 temporary ban or something.