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The Trixologist Family

I’d like to introduce you to my family of characters in Black Desert.   My guild <ISG> plays on the Orwen server.  This is the unofficial but chosen Roleplay server.  Though my guild isn’t a RP guild, we are here in an attempt to avoid the ArcheAge crowd and douchebaggery that follows so we can really enjoy all that Black Desert has to offer.  I figure we might as well join in and have a little fun.

Meet the Trixologist Family

TrixiEE the Trixologist

I haven’t finished her story yet however I’m thinking she will be a displaced high priestess from a foreign tribe. She spends her days ruling on the Council of the Inner Sanctum in her new home in a place called Heidel.   She spends her nights in a more adventurous way, staying up well into the morning making plans to keep the secluded ISG from falling to the Xian.  On the outside she’s adapted, a great contributor to society…on the inside she is constantly hoping to find the source of the “Great Nothing” that ripped her family apart years ago. Her journey has brought her here to this place with only her pets Atreyu and Falkor to keep her sane but something is stirring deep within her, yearning to get out.










Trixologist – the Lost Twin

2016-03-08_281119019During the Great Nothing, Trixologist bumped her head and caught a case of partial significantly impacting amnesia.  Now she’s so lost she only knows her last name. And she only knows that because she found it embroidered on her staff, so she uses it twice. She knew at one point that she had a twin sister but her memory is so vague – all she senses is loss. She thinks shes inexperienced in magic so she messes up a little more than she should…and made the mistake of doing an immortality spell…on herself. It backfired and simply made her relive her youth.  Now she wishes for nothing more than a strong libation…and her magic back.

Trixisima – the UnTamed


Trixisima (Trixizima) is the cousin of TrixiEE.  She lives in a among the fishermen of the Veil.  She was a loner before the Great Nothing and now shes stuck here (where ever here is) AND has no family, she really is a lone wanderer.  After washing up on the beach she was taken in by a family of fishermen and has lived here every since.  Oddly enough they sensed the loneliness coming from within and introduced her to Taymee, her cute little doggie – maybe he’ll grow up and become her big and strong protector.



2016-03-08_279199933Trixihontas missed everything. ‘Hontas was once in training to protect her people.  Just before the “IT” happened she was chosen as an ambassador of the her people to go to the new land and help with the settlement.  Rumor has it she fell in love with an ogre named Rufus who wed her and made her put up her shield just before cutting off all ties to her homeland.  ‘Hontas was assumed to be dead after the event as no one heard from her, not even her sisters…until now.


Trixisema, the Wise Witch

2016-03-08_283968637Trix-seema is the elder of the family, the last remaining Original Witch of her kind.  She hates what has happened to her family and uses the Amity flowing through her to give her nieces strength…the greatest of which is knowledge, a power which no man, war or “Nothing” can take from them.  Trixisema spends her days conjuring and cooking on a hillside of the great city of Calpheon – waiting for her family to be whole again.