ArcheAge / Inner Sanctum

Trixieville: The Final Fantasy

This is what my land looked like in its final days on Enla.

Our guildland was together on the edge of Two Crowns,  overlooking the cliffs, by the beach – very secluded. You can see where I started from, we ended up taking over the whole area.  Between myself, Sainz, Ally and Gin we owned the whole entire thing. We had a few good months there before the merger turned our gaming life to shit.

Losing this – the housing and the area – is one of the main reasons I no longer “love” ArcheAge.  The loss of land affected my desire to like game at all in all honesty.

On Kraken, we have a substantial amount of land but

  1. its not Two Crowns, not our area,
  2. we’re not together, we’re spread across Cinderstone of all places and Sanddeep,
  3. Kraken isn’t Enla no matter how many PvP’ers like it

Kraken is like a nurd with a dry humor and absolutely no sense of style in comparison to the way things were on Enla…anyway, its gone now. 🙁


~Long live TrixieVille~