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Thank you for your interest in my stream.  My stream will include me playing games, providing instructional videos, guild silliness, game events, in game challenges and previews of new (or new to me) and upcoming games.  You can catch me live on Twitch, just use the following link – twitch.tv/trixie4 (note, this is not my usual handle but Trixologist was taken O_O).  My streams are fairly relaxed – just me and whatever guildies happen to be around or down for the cause. Be sure to subscribe by clicking the follow button!  


For now I don’t have a set schedule but I am planning on Streaming at least once or twice a week with either a new preview or a tutorial video on one of the games we are currently following.

Twitch Chat Rules

These are pretty straightforward.  Please adhere to them, I have no issues banning or silencing people who should not have access to the internet.  Here goes:

  • Adults only – I run an adults only guild, there will be adults only topics and subject matter. Please hang out with me offline or in game if you do not meet this criteria.  Fair warning, nuff said.
  • No racial slurs – what is a slur?
  • No sexual slurs –  what is a slur?
  • Don’t be a douchebag – what is a douchebag? (select the Urban Dictionary link for the most accurate definition)

**Get it? Got it? Good?**


Post-dated copies of my streams will be on my YouTube channel. If you like what you saw or don’t want to miss out, you can subscribe to me to stay on top of everything. Trixologist Talks YouTube


I do accept donations if that is something your heart leads you to provide. I don’t ask for these and I do not plan on having a monthly subscription fee to hang out with me (cause that’s just silly).  If you like what you see or if I helped you learn something you didn’t know and feel moved to help out you can donate here with PayPal.