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Vindictus Story by Sithryl/Prodiigy

This history was put together by Lord Sithryl of the Vindictus NA East server and of the Inner Sanctum Guild.  This information may have changed since its original posting on our guild site because the story line has been tweaked to cater to casual players since its  first documentation on June 17, 2012. I make no claims to be the creator of this history of the first ten episodes from Season 1.

I am capturing this here for guild nostalgia as well as general information for anyone interested in the story line of Vindictus.

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Episode 0: The Legend

The time period of Vindictus is set several hundred years before the era of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. In this war-torn world, the Humans cling to the belief that if they can destroy the Fomors —monstrous humanoids— they will be brought by their black-winged goddess, Morrighan, into the land of Erinn and be enriched in paradise. As a result, the land has suffered under endless war for hundreds of years, and many people are beginning to give up hope that the legend of Erinn is real.

The gameplay all begins at Colhen where several soldiers of the Crimson Blade Mercenaries are attacking a Giant White Spider scaling a bell tower. As the mercenaries prepare, Marrec tells the player “Get it together, Rookie!”. Tieve, the Oracle to the Goddess Morrighan, steps in front of the ballistae to prevent them from firing. Captain Aodhan demands her to step aside as the Spider has become a monster rather than the town’s guardian. Tieve refuses, begging them to allow her to communicate with the Spider. Aodhan eventually succumbs as Tieve wouldn’t obey, and brings a few of his men into the tower. However, inside the tower he finds a small animal skull with a Fomorian Emblem on it. He questions the appearance of the Emblem, but he and his troopers are ambushed by Gnolls within the tower, leaving only the rookie to defend Tieve.

When the two reach the top, the Spider begins to calm down at the sight of Tieve, but becomes enraged again. It is then challenged to a death battle by the rookie who is supported by ballistaes. After a long, gruesome battle, the Spider attempts to climb the tower again, only to be shot down by the ballistaes and finished off when several large fragments of the tower, including the tower’s large bell, fall on it. Tieve mourns the death of the Spider, but there is no hope left for it. While Tieve cries, the camera zooms back to a mysterious humanoid lizard who has been watching the events this whole time, and leaves at the sight of the dead Spider.

Episode 1: The Crimson Blades

To begin the real journey, the rookie goes through training, and is introduced to Colhen, its NPC characters, and simple gameplay. Then they move onto more serious issues in Perilous Ruins, as they are to investigate why the Gnolls attacked Colhen in the prologue.

Through a series of battles, the Crimson Blade Mercenaries learn that the Gnolls are indeed working for the Fomors and the rookie is dispatched to try to destroy its forces. They fight through powerful resistance until they reach their first real challenge: the Gnoll Chieftain, the leader of the Gnolls in the Perilous Ruins. After his defeat, the situation within the Perilous Ruins is over, but the war against the Gnolls may not have been won.

Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor

In this episode, the rookie is learning and adjusting to the lifestyle of Vindictus. The rookie is soon dispatched by Aodhan and Gwynn to Hoarfrost Hollow and investigate the gathering of the Kobolds there. After locating a Fomorian document, Aodhan, who can read a bit of their language, translates it, which reveals that the Kobolds have allied with the Fomorians. It also reveals that Shakarr, a possible Fomorian Commander, had given orders to three Kobold Leaders.
In another scene, Kirstie talks about her “nemesis”, a Giant Polar Bear which resides in Hoarfrost Hollow. She asks mercenaries to raid Hoarfrost Hollow and defeat this giant beast.

After all the Kobold Leaders have been hunted down, their orders state that they will soon be marching to attack Colhen. The Crimson Blades round up to defeat them. When the Humans have become victorious, they only realize that their journey within Hoarfrost Hollow and the war between them and the Kobolds are not over.

Episode 3: Piercing the Crescent Moon

This episode begins with a tiny investigation with Cadet Ellis to Ainle, a town ruined by the Fomors. However, nobody in the Royal Army is allowed to go to Ainle by law, but since the rookie is a Crimson Blade, he thinks they can get away with it. Through a confusing series of actions, Ellis receives permission from the Royal Army to go to Ainle, so he decides to investigate himself. Reilly, an old magician, says that Ainle had been impacted by a sort of “Mana Explosion”, and when he hears that Ellis had gone to Ainle alone, Reilly is immediately alarmed by this and demands that the rookie goes to save Ellis, with no explanation. However, it is too late, for they see Ellis being brutally murdered by Information Chief Kalis, leader of the goblins in Ainle. Upon returning to Colhen, Gwynn is in grief and shock, and is silent for a while. She later asks the rookie to find his diary, but that is a submission.

From here on, the identity of the Mysterious Man is revealed. The rookie find that his name is Nyle, and that he doesn’t trust them. To gain his trust, he asks the rookie to investigate Ainle for the Vampires, beings from “another world.” After doing a series of tasks for him, he has somewhat of trust, well at least enough, to inform the rookie that he, Gallagher, and Brynn are part of a group called the “Silent Brotherhood,” a party that works to protect the Goddess and the Oracle Tieve. He also explains that he did not trust the rookie because they murdered Wenshardt, the Giant White Spider in the prologue.

After a long discussion, the rookie is dispatched to the Altar of Ainle, where the Blood Prince, a being that was responsible for Ainle’s destruction, is being transferred to this world. It is stopped, but the investigation through Ainle is not over.

Episode 4: King of the Gnolls

Initially, the Rookie is asked to go to the Fobellow Prairie to find some mushrooms for Aislinn, with no knowledge of Gnolls in the area. Upon discovering Gnolls, the rookie reports the sightings to the Royal Army officer, Gwynn. She thoroughly scolds them yet again (as the Fobellow Prairie was considered “off-limits”), but asks them to investigate further, as the Gnolls appearance within the Prairie is indeed odd.

After receiving a document by Dim Gray, Kirstie translates it (as it was written in Gnollish, not Fomorian) and reveals that Warchief Black Scar, the King of the Gnolls, they are appeased when the Gnoll Chieftain, the one who led “lesser” Gnolls to the Perilous Ruins for peace, is killed. The translations also state that they have allied with Shakarr and the Fomorians, and will begin to lead their attacks on Colhen. However, Kirstie is in disbelief and decides to investigate the matter personally.
Knowing the Gnolls are continuing to gather in the Fobellow Prairie, the Crimson Blade Mercenaries are immediately dispatched to eliminate Black Scar’s right hand man, Rampage, in the Ruins of Sanctity, while Gwynn continues to find someone who can translate the document. Eventually, they decide to ask Brynn, who lies and says he could not translate it as well. After Gwynn leaves, Brynn advises to ask Kirstie once more.

After much investigation, Kirstie explains that the Gnolls were split into two factions: extremists and moderates. The extremists led by Black Scar wanted to join the Fomorians while the moderates led by the Gnoll Chieftain wanted to live in peace. This all changed when the Gnoll Chieftain and the moderate group were exterminated by the Crimson Blade Mercenaries, where the extremists were disguised as moderates back in the Prologue and led the humans to kill the wrong faction.
After much troubling, the document was finally translated. This indeed spells trouble, as the Fomors have now received a new ally. Gwynn orders the Crimson Blade Mercenaries to eliminate Warchief Black Scar before his troops are organized.

In the confrontation with the Gnoll King, he is defeated, but is able to escape to the Prairie. Kirstie advises to slaughter the Gnoll King as a means of preventing the Gnolls from completely joining their allied forces and stray from the war. The mercenaries then obtain two maps received from the Gnoll henchmen, Rampage and Dim Gray, leading back to the Prairie Entrance. Thus, in the final confrontation, the Rookie kills Black Scar, causing the remaining Gnolls within to scatter.
The blades, mostly Ceara, continuously wonder how the Ruins of Sanctity got its name. Behind one of the doors within the Ruins lies a Giant Spider, similar to the one in the Prologue. Thus, this ends the episode.

The Pact

The Pact series opens with Brynn requesting the Rookie to call Tieve, since he finally located delicious tea, and in return, will give the Rookie some tea ‘if’ he has any left. However, Ernmass reports that Tieve is asleep for quite some time now. Brynn theorizes that she may be sick, and the Strange Traveler recommends asking Jarlath of Rocheste for aid.

Upon reaching the magician in Rocheste, Jarlath states he, nor anyone else, is unable to help the oracle. When the Rookie brings up Reilly, Jarlath recommends using the Shiny Blue Fruit from the Ruins of Sanctity. After bringing it back, Jarlath continues to refuse aiding the Rookie, forcibly bringing up the topic about Reilly. Complaining, the Rocheste magician uses the fruit to create an Awakening Vial.

When the Rookie returns to Colhen’s Inn, Tieve awakens and apologizes for her actions. She gratefully accepts the Vial and tells the Rookie to accept the tea from Brynn. The Colhen magician recommends traveling to Rocheste with Tieve, remarking that “the taste of tea is not determined only by quality. The people you drink tea with contribute heavily in determining the taste of tea.” The oracle agrees to Brynn’s suggestion.

However, the trip is postponed when it rains, and the next day, Tieve urges the Rookie to meet her there. Unfortunately, she does not show up, for she had fallen asleep again. Heading back to Jarlath, he tells a story about how the Silent Brotherhood had once cured a sleeping oracle. The Rookie then pleads Nyle in order to join the Silent Brotherhood. At first, Nyle is reluctant, but he eventually succumbs to Brynn’s remarks.

Being the member of the Silent Brotherhood means “gaining a power unlike any before. This power can bring destruction, or salvation. You will gain the ability to leave behind your current form, and channel fantastic powers. This will allow you to perform feats and attacks beyond anything you can do now.” However, the “power” is not entrusted lightly, so Nyle has the Rookie undergo several tests.

The first test involves defeating the Goliath. Interestingly, the giant Toad drops a Paladin’s Diary, something Nyle did not mention. Returning to the Magic Laboratory, the Rookie encounters Gallagher, who was ordered by Nyle to aid the Rookie, and informs them to meet him in the Mercenary Outpost to further discuss the tests, going through a “Rite of Initiation” to become a “Dark Knight.” When the Rookie mentions the Diary, it simply vanishes as if it was absorbed. After Gallagher leaves, the diary reappears and is inscribed: “Whatever I write here is my truth, and it comes from my heart. This is the guide that I make for myself, and it is the hand of fate that will guide my destiny. The travels that will determine my future have just begun…”

At the Outpost, Gallagher informs the Rookie that the decisions of the Silent Brotherhood are made as an organization, not by an individual member, and orders them to keep that in mind. For the second test, the Rookie is tasked to obtain a Sorcery Ring from Prairie Entrance. With that finished, Gallagher promises to bring the Rookie to the next destination for the next test. The Paladin Diary then states: “The Silent Brotherhood… Our purpose is to protect the Oracle and the coming of Erinn. All actions are decided by the organization. To fully serve our cause, you must give up not only greed, but justice. We fight against the corrupted legend and seek the truth. That is what defines the Silent Brotherhood. And we are the weapons, the “Eight Swords.”

The third test consists of heading to the “Holy Ground” within Ainle to defeat the Vampire known as The Emperor. After the Vampire’s demise, Nyle shows up and claims Gallagher had called upon the Fomors and quoted the clan as he pleased, and personally orders the Rookie to kill Gallagher for their final test. The Diary’s next words: “As I told you, everything in the Silent Brotherhood is determined by the group. There isn’t any room for personal feelings, and there is no sense of one’s own life. It is my calling to protect the oracle. I haven’t the slightest doubt. But… Is it right for others to die for the oracle? Could we ever justify all the murders…? Oh, Morrighan… Is this really what you ask of us?”

Now, the Rookie must make a decisive action: Kill Gallagher to become a Dark Knight, or Spare Him to become a Paladin. “You must decide. Follow your convictions. For Morrighan… Do you think it is right to kill for the oracle? Do you think that is what Morrighan truly wants?”

If the Rookie chooses to Kill, Gallagher reminds the Rookie that the Silent Brotherhood’s choices are made as a group, and not an individual; Nyle said “If you obey my command.” The Silent Brotherhood was obviously testing the Rookie the entire time. Returning to Nyle, he tells the Rookie that as a Dark Knight, they no longer have a self; everything they do is for the Goddess.

If the Rookie chooses to Spare, Gallagher begs for mercy, and shuns the Rookie after being spared. Returning to Nyle, they acted to their own will as a Paladin, and their path may lie within the Paladin’s Diary: “I have decided not to become a Dark Knight, but to forge my own path. It is my mission to protect the oracle. But Morrighan… I cannot just wait for you to come. I have decided to give my life for all of those who would die before you come. Even if this means we must wait longer… I swear to follow my convictions. I swear by my name.”

With all that done, Nyle feels that the abilities of the Rookie are still insufficient to aid the oracle, and reminds them about the tea. Returning to the Inn, Tieve apologizes for having them going through such trouble for her, and is grateful for their efforts. The Rookie is rewarded the tea at last.

Episode 5: The Lost Holy Artifact

At this time, Gywnn’s assistant is away, and the rookie is to follow her orders for a while. She orders to investigate Hoarfrost Depths, while obviously aware of encountering Kobolds. Further investigation shows that the Kobolds have acquired the “Holy Artifact” from the Royal Army.
In some investigation, the rookie discovers these “snow monsters”, where Brynn confirms that they are of the ancient Yeti race, long forgotten. After locating a Wing Fragment from a Kobold, he theorizes that the Holy Artifact woke them up from hibernation. The rookie is then tasked to defeat Rockjaw, the Yeti King. Brynn returns a chipped Wing Fragment to the rookie, hoping they would keep it safe.

Priest Torrin and Deputy Commander Riordan, citizens from Rocheste and the Royal Army, head to Colhen and orders that the Holy Artifact must be recovered from the Kobold Commander, Ezroch. However, Riordan does not trust the rookie (due to past incidents, especially Ainle) and only asks Veteran Mercenaries. Unfortunately, the Mercenaries, including Marrec, Gwynn, Aodhan, and Riordan were no match for Ezroch, and faced heavy casualties. This is because Gwynn ordered the rookie to distract the Kobold Emaighsoch while the Mercenaries attack Ezroch, but the rookie informed Ceara that he was already waiting for them, which only meant that Ezroch was too. Gwynn then pleads Riordan to allow the rookie to defeat Ezroch alone. Reluctant at first, Riordan eventually succumbs due to trusting Gwynn.

The rookie single-handedly slays Ezroch and retrieves a Goddess Statue, with a chipped wing piece. All the mercenaries, especially the veterans and the officers, are surprised how the rookie ironically had done what they could not. The rookie then gives the Statue and the Chipped Wing Piece, and Torrin and Riordan leave. Marrec questions how the Kobolds had known the Mercenaries were coming, and theorizes that there may have been a spy in the Royal Army, but Gwynn appeases him. The episode ends here.
Gwynn writes a letter to the Royal Army, requesting the rookie’s acceptance into the Royal Army Academy. Riordan produces several challenging tasks, involving defeating Warchief Black Scar and Rockjaw, crafting the Cadet Ring, and crafting the Royal Cadet Armor. Gwynn believes that Riordan dislikes the rookie and does not want them in the Royal Army for creating the Royal Cadet Armor is a near-impossible task. However, after bringing a Renos Ore, a piece used to create the Royal Cadet Armor, Riordan finally accepts the rookie to the Academy.

Episode 5 Extra: Hilder Forest Trolls

Riordan eventually comes to visit Colhen, only to be followed by Ingkells, Lord of Ortel Castle in Hilder Forest. Ingkells describes that Trolls have unleashed their reign of destruction and begs for Riordan to return his men. The Deputy Commander refuses and leaves, but the Lord turns to his old friend, Aodhan, and his Crimson Blades. Ingkells then tasks the Crimson Blades to scout Hilder Forest Ruins.

Some of Aodhan’s past was revealed: he had a wife (Danaryn) and two daughters (Rudell and Yusey), all three of them killed (presumably by a Lycanthrope, as he says in Episode 4). It is also implied that Aodhan wanted to return to his family as soon as possible after a battle but was kept from doing so by Ingkells; in retaliation for his family’s death he consumed Bloody Shade and slaughtered a camp of Fomors in a bloodthirsty rage. After his family died, Aodhan’s “life had ended” and “that was the day he gave up his Royal Armor.”
From much investigation, the Night Shade, a plant normally grown in Hoarfrost Hollow, was found. Soon enough, a similar plant, the Bloody Shade, is located. It is revealed that the Bloody Shade was capable of greatly increasing the attack power of one when consumed, but constantly drains the blood of the consumer. The Mercenaries conclude that the Trolls are growing Bloody Shades and consuming them, causing them to go rancid.

When the Trolls have been expelled from Ortel Castle, Ingkells says his partings. Shortly afterward, Riordan returns to the Mercenary Outpost from hearing the reports. He dispatches the rookie to their “first Cadet Mission” to locate a suspicious item in the field where the Bloody Shades are grown.
The rookie returns after investigation and reveals that the soil was contaminated with Fomorian Blood, which explains the rancid effects of the Bloody Shade. Riordan takes the tainted soil to the Pontiff’s Court, and wishes to meet the rookie in Rocheste.

Episode 6: Colhen in Flames

The rookie, who is now finally a Royal Rocheste Cadet, heads to the new city. Their first assignment is to scout the Fomorian Base located in the Fobellow Prairie.
At the Fomorian Base, the cadets locate a gathering of Goblins, Gremlins, and Ogres. They also learn that they are plotting something, and Gwynn suggests to “spring” their “trap”.

Unfortunately, springing the trap only made things worse; the Fomorians lured out the Cadets to directly assault Colhen.
Colhen is lit on fire, as the Crimson Blades struggle against the assault. Many are wounded, but most of the villagers seemed to have escaped. Aodhan and Marrec are still alive after the firefight, but they were unable to locate Tieve.

In an act of vengeance, Keaghan demands that the cadets scout once more through the Fomorian Base and slaughter their enemies. However, Tieve merely went to the Temple and prayed. Unfortunately, after the firefight, the Fomorians kidnapped Clodagh.

Meanwhile, Shakarr, the mastermind behind the Fomorian tribe (the one who wrote out the reports to Kobolds in Episode 2 and the Gnolls in Episode 4), argues with his associate Black Hammer, who kidnapped Clodagh by mistake and wanted Tieve instead. Shakarr intends to deal with this issue… personally.
Back in the prairie, Keaghan leads the rescue. Suddenly, a spear is thrown, but he catches it and throws it aside. Four Goblin Spearmen then rush at the warrior, only to be defeated. Gwynn says that the area is too quiet, but soon enough, Shakarr ambushes them. Simultaneously, the Ogre Warlord Black Hammer appears from behind. Although the battle was long, the cadets succeed and retrieve the captured human.

In the outcome, Shakarr mutters how they failed to retrieve the oracle, but Black Hammer questions why they couldn’t just annihilate them to make it easier. Shakarr warns him that it is not the time to spread blood, and leaves him to recover. Black Hammer wonders if Shakarr is becoming weak, as “he speaks as a weakling.” One of his minions says they should make a move, but Black Hammer decides to wait for the “perfect moment”. However, when the moment comes, things will turn out very differently than Shakarr expects. When the time comes, Black Hammer will make his move.
Back at the Cadet Base, Clodagh exclaims that she was scared but is taken back to Colhen with Tieve. Gwynn is concerned, but Keaghan thinks everything will be fine… for a while.

When Cloadgh and Tieve attempt to return, Keaghan warns them that the path is too dangerous since the kidnapping. Gwynn finally introduces the rookie cadet to Keaghan, explaining that they have done much as a mercenary. Keaghan finds confidence to trust the rookie cadet to escort the two back home.
After the two return home, Tieve says the rookie cadet should thank Keaghan for his actions, and the chapter ends here.

Episode 6 Extra: The Titan

However, the conflict with the Goblins/Ogres seems to be far from over. The Fomorians are spotted to have “mirrors” of four fragments, and one of them was possessed by Black Hammer who dropped it during Colhen in Flames. According to the Magician’s Guild, the mirror possesses unimaginable power that could unleash utter chaos. The mirror also suggests something about a “contract” between Goblins and the Ogres. The Royal Army, as well as the Crimson Blades (who were also looking for the mirror fragments under Aodhan’s orders), are dispatched to find the four fragments.

At some point, Marrec questions the appearance of the Ogre Krunk at Rocheste’s bar and something about “the incident” related to the Ogre. Pieces of the storyline reveal that Krunk fell in-love with Brakis’s daughter, Elaine, and disbanded his Fomorian ways. Brakis soon reveals “The Incident” where a giant Ogre known as the Titan once attacked Rocheste, and Krunk was blamed for engineering the assault. In addition, Elaine was kidnapped. Enraged, Krunk went to the Fomorian Base to find his lover, but found no traces. Instead, he battled the same attacking giant Ogre, and instead of killing him, Humanity had given him empathy and spared the giant Ogre, but left him sealed. The citizens of Rocheste continue to fear the giant Ogre’s return.

Meanwhile, Black Hammer is informed that the fragments are being fallen into humanity’s hands. He mentions about unleashing a creature called “Titan” to hide another creature called “Larken” from Shakarr.

After restoring the mirror, its reflection shines toward the Fomorian Base, on a Goblin named Larken, who is bound to the Mirror’s contract. Gwynn believes that Larken is possibly the Goblin’s real commander or a secret weapon, but is interrupted by shaking ground coming from a giant Ogre, the same one that attacked Rocheste years ago.
Back at the base, the group discusses about handling the Titan issue. Marrec believes that the group will be alright with the Rookie Cadet, but Gwynn opposes and claims that Titan is extremely destructive compared to other dangerous foes previously encountered in the other Episodes. Brakis agrees with the Titan Raid as the issue eventually has to be handled. The group ultimately decides to attack the Titan.
In the aftermath, everyone is surprised about Titan’s defeat. In addition, Shakarr wonders how Titan got free but Black Hammer convinces him that the incident was minor.
Nonetheless, Shakarr decides to let it go.

Back at the bar, Krunk dreams about one of his reunions with Elaine. The dream describes Elaine offering a bracelet which her (deceased) mother had given to her to Krunk while the Ogre comments the “Hoo-man being strange” (Krunk pronounces “Human” as “Hoo-man”).

Episode 7: The Second Oracle

A strange gathering occurs in Rocheste with many of Morrighan’s oracles, including Tieve. However, Pontiff Laurys, the host of this gathering, has yet to shown up, so the rookie cadet is immediately sent to investigate. The rookie finds several Lizardmen attacking the carriage hosting Laurys, and defeats them.

Back in Rocheste, Laurys appoints the rookie cadet as his “bodyguard” and quickly leaves to retire from the event last night. At the Royal Army Base, Keaghan denounces that Lizardmen have been making unexpected appearances and their first clue of investigation should be beneath Rocheste; the sewers. The group decides to dispatch the rookie cadet to investigate matters (with a little event where a Beggar was the one who supplied the information and Riordan thinks its a hoax).

However, the rookie does not find Lizardmen, but instead, Ratmen. Fortunately, this confirms the fears of the Royal Army: their enemies are hiding beneath them. Riordan then personally confronts the Beggar, who again reveals what he saw: Lizardmen. Having no other option, the rookie is then dispatched to the sewers again, and it turns out that the Beggar wasn’t lying.

The Royal Army is immediately dispatched to the sewers as an attempt to eliminate the Lizardmen. They find a strange stone that supposedly sealed something within the sewers, but without evidence, they really don’t know what it is.

Returning to the Beggar, he reveals that he saw an unconscious woman in the sewers. Again, Riordan is infuriated and the rookie is left to investigate themselves. And again, the Beggar isn’t lying; two Shaman Lizardmen are seen doing something to the woman, who appears to be an oracle. The first, larger lizard, Shadow Shaman Ingkara, engages the rookie whereas the second lizard Shaman, who is apparently the same lizard that was seen at the end of the prologue, seemingly orders Ingkara to attack and exits the battlefield. After the battle with Ingkara, the woman, Seanna, awakens and thanks the rookie cadet and requests to be taken back to Rocheste.

Seanna is quickly withdrawn to the Royal Army Base. Soon enough, Pontiff Laurys barges in and reveals that Seanna is the “prophesized oracle” who will take humanity to Erinn (Tir Na Nog), and remarks that they have much to learn from the rookie, who never turned down the Beggar for aid. Soon, the rookie heads to the Cathedral, where Ronaun, one of the Royal Army Commanders, gives “blessings” to them and appoints them as a Captain of the Royal Army; no longer a cadet, nor a mercenary.

Back the base, Keaghan announces the rookie’s achievement, and everyone, including Riordan and Gwynn, are to show respect. Keaghan quickly leaves and Riordan and Gwynn are shocked and slightly unhappy. Soon enough, everyone decides to celebrate.

Meanwhile, at the Cathedral, Seanna remarks that Morrighan had never given her a divine revelation (and suggests that the Pontiff’s Court is a heretic), but is convinced not to show doubt to the Pontiff. Nyle soon shows up, but the rest of the episode is cut off.

Episode 8: Not Even If You Kill Us All

Part 1: Not Even If You Kill Us All

It is revealed that Ingkells (from Extra Episode 5) is suspected to be leading a rebellion. The rookie, now a captain from the last episode, is ordered to investigate Ortel Castle in order to clear suspicion from them as they had previously aided Ingkells.
However at the main gates of Ortel, a Golem activates and attacks. After defeating the guardian and returning to Royal Army Base, Keaghan orders the captain to lead an assault force into Ortel Castle.

Meanwhile, Ingkells reveals that they are not actually a rebellion, rather the Pontiff’s Court are actually spreading lies, and that the soldiers of Ortel Castle are labeled as heretics. Ingkells chooses to fight back as it is “Morrighan’s Command.”

After finding and defeating one of Ingkells’ officers, Cloyan, Keaghan declares that all of the Ortel’s Royal Army troops have been turned into Fomorians after drinking a potion made from Bloody Shade. The betrayal had been done, and Ingkells must be defeated under all circumstances. Before the captain can leave to defeat Silberin, Ingkell’s right-hand man, Marrec and Ceara show up and gives the captain a broken key fragment as a gift from Aodhan.

After defeating Silberin, the captain receives a key fragment which happens to match the fragment from earlier. Aodhan reveals that Ingkells came to him the night before the rebellion and asked Aodhan to kill him. However, he could not kill his friend and knows that the captain has already decided to kill Ingkells.
After using the completed key, the captain enters the Central Garden of Ortel Castle and defeats the traitor. After his demise, Ingkells regains his senses and recognizes the captain as the rookie who helped him with the Trolls. He explains that they must understand why they had to ‘rebel’ and that “even if you kill us all, the goddess won’t come.” He then gives them a fragment from the Catacombs beneath Ainle, and begs the captain to search for the truth before dying.

The captain returns to base. Meanwhile, Keaghan informs Aodhan that Ingkells is defeated, however both wonder if they had truly done the right thing.

Part 2: The Unveiling Truth: Button by Button

Back at the base, the captain informs Keaghan of what Ingkells’ last words were and gives him the fragment. Keaghan and Riordan come to disagreements whether they should investigate the truth. Keaghan and the captain head to the Cathedral where Keaghan asks Seanna about the prophecy; everything about it. Laurys intervenes and bluntly states that the blood of the Fomors will merely open the gates to Erinn, and the Goddess will descend once all the Fomorians are dead. Laurys suggests that Keaghan should drop his investigation as it hinders the fulfillment of the prophecy. Keaghan reveals the fragment which happens to have an insignia of the Pontiff’s Court, and when Laurys asks to take it, Keaghan refuses.

Feeling closer to the answer, Keaghan then sends the captain to Jarlath to analyze it, however, he merely explains that it is from Ainle and refuses to analyze it as he does not want to be involved. After reporting to Keaghan, he concludes that Ingkells went to the Catacombs and found something that made him rebel. He then decides to head to Ainle, despite the restriction. First, he returns to Jarlath and asks him about the Catacombs, however he tells him to ask someone else and after Ainle was destroyed, the path to the Catacombs was lost.

In Colhen, Keaghan talks to Reilly about going to the Catacombs, however he only explains that there is darkness within and refuses to help because it will traumatize him. Heading towards the Magician’s Laboratory, Keaghan confronts Brynn who explains of the shadows beneath the Catacombs, however they only reveal themselves within the light. Keaghan solves this meaning and explains that the path to the Catacombs only opens itself in the day.

Back at one of the graveyards in Ainle, they find a lower ascent leading to the Catacombs. After defeating Strategy Chief Roperem, the Gatekeeper, they enter the Catacombs and find a sealed creature: Glas Ghaibhleann, an extremely powerful Deity. Prior to defeating Glas, the group recognizes the Pontiff’s Court’s pentacle in the Catacombs and theorizes that they may be the ones behind the destruction of Ainle. Keaghan, Gwynn, and the captain decides to return to Rocheste and demand the truth from the Pontiff’s Court.

As the trio heads out, Riordan and his fellow Royal Army Soldiers confront Keaghan as Gwynn and the Captain lay low behind debris. Riordan informs Keaghan that he has been removed from Royal Army Command and is branded as a heretic. Riordan, acting as the new High Commander, demands Keaghan’s execution. However, Gwynn rushes out and pushes Keaghan aside, taking the hit from the arrows and dies in his stead. Riordan hesitates for a while but quickly orders his troops to fire again. This is interrupted by a puff of black smoke which lands besides the Keaghan and the ex-captain, revealing to be Nyle. The Dark Knight casts a spell that teleports him and his two allies away. Riordan then demands his troops to find them. Since then, it is clear that Keaghan and the Mercenary Rookie are removed from the Royal Army, stripped of their ranks and are wanted fugitives.

As the Rookie vanishes, a few flashbacks of Gwynn’s words are present. Her presence can be felt back at the Mercenary Outpost of Colhen and the Royal Army Base of Rocheste, however she is truly not there.

Brynn reveals that the Pontiff’s Court was responsible for summoning Glas Ghaibhleann due to a failed attempt to summon Morrighan, but wonders why they would attempt to summon someone who is prophesied to come.

Episode 9: The Song of Doom

Continuing from the incident, Keaghan and the Rookie find themselves back at the Magic Laboratory at Colhen, where Nyle reveals himself to the ex-commander. Keaghan becomes enraged after learning that Gwynn did not survive and marches back to Rocheste angrily, despite being on the Royal Army’s wanted list.
Keaghan passes through the guard at the entrance of Rocheste (who at first ordered him to leave, but gives up) and is shooed off by Brakis at the Base (who apologizes and orders him to leave). He then heads to the Cathedral where Laurys tries to appease Keaghan, claiming that he did not issue the incident and says he knows nothing about it (which is, in fact, a whole lie).

Back at the Magic Laboratory, Keaghan asks Nyle for the answer to his question, but says nothing. Nyle also says that he intended to rescue the Rookie from death as they share his goals; saving Keaghan was merely an accident. Soon, Naveen, a prophet and a member of the Silent Brotherhood, shows up at the Lab and explains that the Royal Army did not want them to disclose the truth of their failed summoning of the Goddess. The prophet informs Keaghan that the Fomorians had the real prophecy all along, and tells him to see Shakarr, the Fomorian Leader, who would already know of their coming and would test them in battle.

After besting Shakarr, he reveals the human’s so-called prophecy in which the deceased Fomorians would bring forth Morrighan. In the Fomorian variant, if they killed all the Humans, their god, Cichol, would descend and take them to Erinn. Shakarr also mentions that only one or neither prophecy is true. Keaghan believes that only one side will reach Erinn, but Shakarr corrects him, saying that it is not. Keaghan then brings up the topic on how Shakarr tried to kidnap the oracle, but the Fomorian Leader says nothing. Keaghan and the Rookie leave, preparing to handle their remaining problems.

Shakarr then informs Black Hammer of what had occurred, explaining that if the Fomorians could not complete their prophecy, Keaghan and the Rookie could find the true prophecy and complete it in their stead. Black Hammer objects to this, claiming Shakarr is once again speaking like a weakling and decides to execute him for that purpose. However, the Fomorian Leader knew Black Hammer’s plan all along and shows no regret to his choice, claiming “fate is stronger than any other force in the world.” Shakarr is then killed off-screen.

At the Magic Laboratory, Naveen explains that Fomors actually had a God, he was lost, fueling the Fomor’s desire to fulfill their own prophecy. She also says when Morrighan descends or is able to communicate through her oracles, the Pontiff’s Court will lose power, and want the true oracle eliminated, suggesting that Seanna was not the true oracle but a false claim made by Laurys to cover up his plans. The Court has also demanded the execution of Keaghan, the Rookie, and the Silent Brotherhood for knowing too much of their plans. She then brings up the Seal Stone that was found in the Sewers and urges them to head there, however Keaghan leaves in his believes of not having a valid reason to help.
Keaghan then heads over to the Temple to find Tieve, who appeared to be fading and yet again sleeping uncontrollably. Keaghan and the Rookie then head back to the Inn and discuss about their past with one another, until the Rookie is called back to the Magic Laborartory. Naveen urges them to head to Albey, a place where time stood still and one being controlled it, to stop the ones creating “the Evil One.”

Meanwhile, Black Hammer urges Verafim, the White Shaman Lizardman from the Prologue and Episode 7, to hurry on with the summoning spell. Gilliam then appears shortly, who witnesses Verafim performing a possession spell on Black Hammer to finish the “final step.” Verafim wonders if the Rookie can manage to make it far into Albey.
The Rookie later defeats a destructive Black Hammer and reports back to Naveen, who realizes that Verafim used a Fomor Domination Spell on Black Hammer (the same spell that controlled Wenshardt at the Prologue) as a “test.” The Rookie immediately returns to Albey under the prophet’s order. After the Rookie leaves, Keaghan enters and learns that Tieve was sleeping uncontrollably as her body and soul was slowly reaching Erinn and is halfway there. Since he has no way to stop it, he chooses to bring Erinn to this world.
Meanwhile, Gilliam and Verafim find it pitiful how Black Hammer was easily crushed by a human. Gilliam reminds Verafim that he only taught him the spell in order to stop Erinn’s descending. However, Verafim ‘betrays’ Gilliam by intending to use the Evil One, Lionotus, to eradicate the Fomorians for his own goals. Gilliam leaves, shouting that the Lizardman just made a new enemy.

Back at Albey, the Rookie meets Verafim face-to-face for the second time and summons Lionotus to do his bidding. However, the Evil One is quickly defeated. Verafim is surprised on how a Human defeated the creature and quickly disappears. Returning to the Laboratory, Naveen explains that despite the demise of the Evil One, it is too late for the seal of evil is loose. “Things will…not go well.”

Concluding the episode, Keaghan encounters Verafim at Albey, who tells him to summon the Controller of Time within Albey in order to bring forth Erinn. Verafim also tells him that the Fomorians abandoned the Lizardmen race, and in revenge, want the Fomorians eradicated in order to steal their God. He comments on how Keaghan stated his plans were so strange and that they will meet again, and disappears.

Episode 10: Advent of the Goddess

Keaghan continues to try to find a way to bring forth Erinn’s descent. He ventures into battle against the Dragons, Guardians of Time, however the last Guardian, the Fomorian God Elchulus, mentions that Albey is actually Erinn; when the time stops flowing, pain, sadness, and hunger will cease to exist. He also says that Tieve will soon become Morrighan and that Keaghan’s actions only sped up that process. The soldier, who wished to bring forth Erinn, now intends to destroy it. He does so by attempting to destroy Elchulus.
Keaghan attacks Elchulus, but is quickly overwhelmed by the Dragon. Verafim soon shows up and tells Keaghan to eat the lizardman’s heart in order to save Tieve from the God. He does so, violently ripping out his heart and then consumes it, undergoing a transformation that gives him enough power to defeat Elchulus.

Even with this power, however he is soon overwhelmed by the Rookie. Afterwards, Verafim, in death, tells Keaghan that he has surpassed humanity and will now become the Fomorian God for defeating all three Dragons, who were sealing him, and Elchulus flees for his life. Keaghan then transforms into Cichol, the true God of the Fomorians, and then leaves while promising to return after dealing with Elchulus. Simultaneously, Tieve pities him and becomes Morrighan; the Goddess has finally descended, thus ending the first arc.